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I really love these animations, I will look forward to the third part 0w0 <3

It looks like it will be very good, it reminded me of the times when I played Yoshi Island, I will really look forward to it :3

Pd: I almost fell out of my chair at the end :,b

Good times, I hope your animations come back up here :3

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It really is a good game, I liked it a lot, although when you try to pass without buying it is difficult, but for that reason the money is, very good work. :3

PD: I found a mistake that helped me, which is that the character who lanter the balls with spikes went to the left and stopped the hero, and this allowed me to take 500 coins, so I did not bother this problem :b

I have to ask, who is the music that came out in the beautiful game? :,3?

This was very entertaining :,3

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You really did a great job with this, I would like to see a new collaboration between you guys !!
Without more to say I hope and continue like this. <3

Pd: I would like to see Sekai here at Newgrounds, but I guess we have to wait to see what happens.

You really did a great job with this, you improved several aspects in your production, and I thought it was no longer possible, I hope and continue with things like that!! <3

AleXizGD responds:

Wooow thank you so much <3

I can't believe it's you, one of my dreams has finally come true, welcome!!!! <3

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Star, if I'm not mistaken, this image was a Gif, but hey, it still looks great, and I like it a lot, I also wondered if I could put it on the cover of this NG account :b? <3

That track of Sekai was incredible, hopefully one day he will join the site :3 <3

Amazing Gif Star :0

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